Bike Riding

Bicycles are one of the most useful and economical alternatives to motor vehicles because they are relatively inexpensive to buy and need only minor repairs. For students living in Arcata, the campus is only a short ride away. The University provides bike racks throughout the campus. Be sure to lock your bicycle properly with a good lock. For some additional bicycle security tips, check out the Police Crime Prevention page.

For help maintaining and repairing your bicycle, contact the Bicycle Learning Center, located beneath the steps leading into the Recreation & Wellness Center. The Bicycle Learning Center is a volunteer-run bike shop and club. They provide tools, books, and knowledge to help campus community members learn how to repair and maintain their own bikes, be more comfortable riding as a form of transportation, and reduce the amount of automobile-driving on and off campus. Open hours are posted outside the shop. The Bicycle Learning Center also networks with other campus and community groups to organize workshops, video showings, dialogue, and action on issues of sustainable transportation and oil dependence. New members are always welcome. The Bicycle Learning Center is open from 2-5 p.m. weekdays.

More information about bicycle commuting can also be found at the Caltrans Bicycle website.

Also be sure to check out how to register your bicycle in the City of Arcata.