Alternate Transportation

The concept of transportation alternatives is not a new one; it is, very simply, finding an alternative to one-car, one-driver commuting. The alternative may be in the form of a carpool, transit bus, bicycle, moped/motorcycle, or as a pedestrian. Each of these alternatives offers benefits to the user as well as to the University and the community including:

  • Saving money

  • Saving vehicle wear and tear

  • Saving gas and reducing energy consumption

  • Reducing traffic and parking congestion

  • Providing an environment to meet new friends, and it is better for the environment. 



HSU partners with the City of Arcata to offer a quick, convenient and low cost method for the community to rent bicycles. Students, faculty and staff can unlock bikes from docking stations on campus (outside Harry Griffith Hall and Jolly Giant Commons) and in Arcata. Go to the Humboldt Bike Share landing page for details.


Looking for a ride home?

Amtrak San Joaquins Route 7 – Students save 15% on Travel!

The Route 7 Amtrak Thruway Bus transports passengers from Arcata down to Martinez where it connects to the San Joaquins train line. The bus picks passengers up in Arcata at 925 E Street and departs at 5:25am and 10:20am daily. The bus features free Wi-Fi, outlets, restrooms, and reclining seats. You can purchase tickets at

Students get a 15% discount when they choose “Adult” as their ticket type and use the promo code V353.

Humboldt Transit Authority Announces Old Arcata Road Service

Call ahead to schedule a ride between the designated pick-up locations shown on the map. Either the pick-up or drop-off location must include one of the blue stops along Old Arcata Rd between Sunny Brae and Freshwater Corners.  A blue stop to a blue stop and a blue to purple stop is permitted, but a purple to purple is not.

You will be picked up by a “Dial-a-Ride” mini-bus or a City Cab, depending on route optimizations.

Visit their website for full details: 


Explore the Options!

And, check out this film about alternative transportation options at HSU, made by students in FILM 477 in Fall 2017 [Note: Zagster Bike Share went out of business in 2020 and removed their bikes and stations from campus].

Below are links describing the variety of transportation alternatives available to the campus community. Try a new form of transportation today!