Visitor Parking

Welcome to Cal Poly Humboldt. To assist you with having a pleasant visit, Parking & Commuter Services wishes to share some tips for parking on campus. Campus parking facilities are not supported by taxpayer dollars but are self-supporting. California state law states that permission to park on campus is granted to those persons who have paid a parking fee. This includes students, staff, faculty, and university visitors who are attending special events, such as cultural shows, musical/theatrical performances, sporting events, and conferences, or visiting facilities like the Library, Bookstore, or Gym.

Parking is very limited and at certain times it may take additional time to find an available space. Between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, allow yourself adequate time, 15-20 minutes, to locate available parking.

Regulated Parking Hours

All regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  This includes Service & Yellow Loading Zones, Disabled & Reserved stalls, and Fire Lanes.

Parking meters and parking fees must be paid Monday-Thursday 7:00 am - 10:00 pm and Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, every week (52 weeks) of the year. Parking fees are not required Fridays after 5:00 pm or on Saturdays and Sundays.

Permit Options

Daily parking permits may be purchased for $3.50 with a credit/debit card from one of the parking permit dispensers located throughout the campus or with cash or a credit/debit card at the Parking Kiosk on Rossow Street. This permit must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle and is valid in General lots only. It is not valid at a parking meter.

Visitors and guests may utilize 10-hour parking meters on Rossow and B Streets at a cost of $.75 per hour. Short-term meters are also on Mill Street, Plaza Avenue, Harpst Street, and in the Library Lot.

CenterArts patrons may purchase daily permits for performances at the time they purchase their tickets.

*Refunds are not provided for daily permits.

ADA Parking

ADA parking stalls are located around campus, to provide access for individuals possessing a disabled person placard or license plates and a purchased daily permit, as stated above. A vehicle displaying a disabled person's placard or license plates may park for unlimited time periods at a parking meter without paying the meter or purchasing a daily permit.

Motorcycles or Mopeds

Parking is allowed for two-wheeled and three-wheeled motor vehicles in identified motorcycle parking zones only provided said vehicles display a valid permit. Zones are designated by white striping with the wording “MOTORCYCLES ONLY” stenciled in white or posted by a sign with the wording “MOTORCYCLES ONLY”. Two and three-wheeled motor vehicles are only permitted to circulate within the campus on paved motor vehicle roadways and are not allowed in quads or on sidewalks or pathways. 


Parking Meters

ADA Parking Stalls and Access 

Motorcycle Parking

Parking Permit Dispensers

Passport Parking Zones