Parking citations are issued to vehicles parked in violation of the adopted University's Enforcement Regulations. All penalties are due within 21 days of the violation. After that date, a Notice of Delinquency is mailed to the registered owner at the address on record with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If the citation becomes delinquent, a late fee will be added and a hold may be placed on your vehicle's registration. Please refer to the Parking Fine Schedule for a complete list of parking fines and late fees.

Citation Payment

You may pay your citation penalty by check, money order or credit card. Cash payments are not accepted.

To pay by check or money order, send your payment and citation to:

Cal Poly Humboldt
c/o Parking Management Bureau
One University Circle
Turlock, CA 95382

To pay by debit or credit card click on the following link: There is a processing fee per citation.

You can also review outstanding citations by clicking the link.

Pursuant to the California Vehicle Code and the California State University Systemwide policy, payment plans for multiple citations or individual citations totaling $200 or more are available. For more information, please visit:

Contesting Your Citation

Campus parking citations are paid for or disputed on the Parking Management Bureau website ( If you have received a parking citation, you have 21 days to pay or dispute your citation. After 21 days you will lose the dispute option and the fine will double. On the reverse side of the citation you will see the website URL - On the homepage, simply follow the instructions for entering your citation number and then proceed to the payment or dispute tabs.

Five or more unpaid citations make a vehicle eligible for towing or immobilization, in accordance with California state law.

Immobilization of Vehicles

If your vehicle has been issued five (5) or more parking citations and these citations have not been paid, the vehicle may be immobilized by a "wheel boot" or impounded at the owner's expense (CVC 22651 (i)(1)). To have an immobilized or impounded vehicle released you may pay the necessary fees to Transportation & Parking Services at the Cal Poly Humboldt Police Department.